Carnyx - The Celts Group

Impressions of Celtic times staged by experts


The Celts Group CARNYX - named after a Celtic war trumpet - was founded in spring 1999 by archaeologists and historically interested people from Tübingen and its environs. At present the group consists of approximately 10 members.

The main aim of CARNYX is to present the Celtic era of European prehistory as detailed and realistically as possible. Archaeological findings supplemented by information from antique history writers are the main source for the reconstruction of Celtic dress, jewellery, tools and weapons.

Through our true-to-life presentations we try to recreate the original context of these items, which are usually only presented isolated in museums, and show their meaning within everyday Celtic life.
At the moment our activities focus on the reconstruction of dress and equipment from the 3rd to the 1st century B.C, in archaeological terms the late Iron Age. An expansion to the early pre-roman Iron Age - the so called Hallstatt Era – is in preparation.

This form of historically backed up living history explicitly excludes all esoterically oriented ideas of Celtic life.

In our ‘Celtic camp’ you can experience accessible prehistory:
We show and explain to you the weapons and equipment of Celtic warriors and the dress and jewellery of the women of these times. We also give you presentations of their specific weaving techniques and the making of a Celtic coat of chain-mail. Our visitors are invited to actively join the archery and javelin while a sucking pig or cooking kettle will be prepared on the campfire.

Our activities are an ideal addition to celebrations and events in towns or museums, but they also provide a possibility for schools to make history lessons more vivid and accessible through presentations and proficient explanations by archaeologists.